Kringle Company Name At Center Of Lawsuit
by Sari Lesk, Journal Times
Posted: 2018-02-27 15:27:16 EST

RACINE COUNTY — An iconic local baking company is suing another kringle manufacturer, accusing the company of violating the trademark on one of its signature pastries.

O&H Danish Bakery, 5910 Washington Ave., Mount Pleasant, filed a lawsuit Feb. 20 in circuit court against Elkhorn-based Wisconsin Kringle Co. and its registered agent, Val Secor. The case alleges Secor and his company used knowledge he obtained through work, which is not available to the general public, to start a competing business that has allegedly caused damage to O&H.

The dispute stems from the name of Secor’s company. Since 2013, O&H has carried a product called Wisconsin Kringle, which the suit states utilizes “flavors and products indigenous to and closely associated with the State of Wisconsin, such as cheese, cherries and cranberries.”

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