Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association Elects New Officers
by Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association
Posted: 2018-02-28 09:04:06 EST

LaGrange, GA – The Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association (ECGA) elected new officers and directors at last week’s annual meeting in Nashville, TN. Mike Horrall of Melon Acres in Oaktown, IL succeeds Matt Solana of Jackson Farming Company in Autryville, NC as President of ECGA. Tony Phillips of Frey Farms in Keenes, IL was elected Vice President and Ed Walker of Springhill Produce was elected Treasurer.

“It’s an honor to take over the reins of ECGA from Matt. He’s done a tremendous job helping grow the focus of the association over the last two years. I plan to maintain that focus on growing the market for Eastern Cantaloupe while continuing to promote ECGA Certification as a gold standard for safety in the cantaloupe industry,” Horrall said.

In 2017, ECGA launched a social media campaign promoting the superior flavor of Eastern Cantaloupe. Branded as the “Flavor of Sunshine,” the campaign educates consumers on the flavor, nutritional value, seasonality and safe handling of Eastern Cantaloupe.

In a blind taste test conducted last summer, Eastern Cantaloupe outscored a non-eastern variety on flavor, texture and overall preference. “Respondents commented that the eastern melon ‘tasted like a cantaloupe should,’” said Debbie Brady, ECGA executive director. “The Flavor of Sunshine references the outstanding flavor and juiciness of Eastern Cantaloupe which are only available during the summer harvest season. We’ll be stepping up our social media presence beginning in mid-April to let consumers know that our melons will be on the market as one of the special perks of summer.”

About Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association

The Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association focuses on ensuring the delivery of safe cantaloupes to US markets. Each member of the association has a demonstrated commitment to food safety and follows ECGA-specific guidelines in the growth, harvesting and handling of their cantaloupes. Only those growers with a superior commitment to food safety are eligible for membership in ECGA. Buyers can be confident that ECGA-Certified is the highest standard in the industry. For more information: www.ecga-usa.org and www.flavorofsunshine.com .

Source: Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Association