Tiff's Treats Announces Acquisition Of Jake's Bakes
by Tiff’s Treats
Posted: 2018-02-28 15:40:10 EST

NASHVILLE - Tiff’s Treats, the Austin-based company that created the warm cookie delivery concept, is excited to announce its entry into the Nashville market with two new store locations and Jake Veyhl of Jake’s Bakes on their team. The first store will open at The Gosset at 137 12th Ave. N with a grand opening celebration on March 24th. This location will boast 1,535 square feet. Like all Tiff’s Treats locations, cookies are baked to order on site and customers who prefer to pick up their orders rather than have them delivered can stop by the storefront to grab their warm cookies. Freshly baked individual cookies will also be for sale for those stopping in last minute. The store will reflect Tiff’s Treats’ signature modern design and the opening festivities will be charitably driven to support the St. Jude Foundation.

As the company looked to expand to Nashville, they turned to beloved cookie company, Jake’s Bakes, which shares a very similar platform and approach to business. The two brands are excited to announce joining forces in Nashville, which will ensure the very best experience for all Nashville cookie lovers. Tiff’s Treats’ co-founders, Tiffany and Leon Chen, chose to embrace rather than compete with Jake, respecting the close-knit cookie community that he has cultivated over the past five years. “We have had our sights set on expanding into Nashville for quite some time as we feel there is a great energy here, similar to our home base in Austin,” explains Tiffany. “As entrepreneurs, we appreciate the hard work and commitment that Jake invested in growing his brand. It was very clear to us that Jake shared our passion for making people happy with warm, fresh baked cookies.”

Jake Veyhl, founder of Jake’s Bakes has nothing but love for the Austin based cookie dynamo. As a fellow alumni of University of Texas at Austin, Jake shares, "I enjoyed introducing Nashville to the warm cookie delivery concept and am thrilled to play an active role in bringing Tiff's Treats to the area." As part of the deal, Jake will assume a hands-on role at Tiff's Treats as the Nashville district manager, overseeing the Nashville operations and expansion.

Tiff’s Treats’ second Nashville location will be at 2422 Elliston Place, the former location of Jake’s Bakes. This 850 square foot shop will undergo a quick renovation to transform the space into a signature Tiff’s Treats location. The last full week of business for Jake’s Bakes will be the week of March 12th-18th, and the shop will re-open later in the spring, continuing to serve the Vanderbilt community with warm, fresh baked cookies and brownies. In the meantime, the Vanderbilt area will be serviced by the Tiff’s Treats location opening in the Gulch.

“We are thrilled to have Jake on board and can’t think of a better ambassador to have on the ground in Nashville,” shares Leon Chen. “By joining with Jake's Bakes and acquiring his business, we are able to have two great locations in Nashville right off the bat. Jake's Bakes has done a great job building a brand, and merging together helps us expand our footprint faster,” explains Chen.

About Tiff’s Treats 
Tiff’s Treats created the warm cookie delivery concept. Tiff’s Treats makes classic, baked-to-order cookies and brownies and delivers them straight from the oven to the home or office, WARM, in about an hour or so. Orders can be placed on demand or scheduled for a later date or time. Customers can order seamlessly via phone, online or the newly released Tiff’s Treats app, all of which are supported by industry-leading technology and customer service. Founded in 1999, what started as two friends baking cookies at University of Texas at Austin to help fellow students get through exams has now grown to 36 stores in Texas and Georgia, with more than 700 employees, baking more than 80 million cookies since its inception. And the company is consistently focused on giving back: with grand opening fundraisers that fill needs for charities (and hungry bellies for Tiff's Treats fans!), Tiff’s Treats has donated over $120,000 to worthy causes. For more information, please visit http://www.cookiedelivery.com.

Source: Tiff’s Treats