Organic Valley Debuts Grassmilk Half & Half
by Organic Valley
Posted: 2018-03-01 15:40:58 EST

LA FARGE, Wis. — Organic Valley announced the introduction of Grassmilk Half & Half. This complements the cooperative’s award-winning line of Grassmilk dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese. Grassmilk Half & Half also fills out Organic Valley’s popular line of half & half options in plain, sweet cream, French vanilla, and hazelnut varieties.

Organic Valley’s Grassmilk Half & Half is produced from the milk of cows that eat only fresh grasses and dried forages—never any grain. This makes for a premium half & half with a flavor that reflects the terroir of 100 percent grass-fed dairy. More grass means more flavor, more nutrients, and more goodness. Nutritionally, analysis has shown that organic pastured dairy products have higher levels of “good fat” that contains beneficial fatty acids such as omega-3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in direct proportion to the amount of forage the cows eat.

Industry wide, plain, ultra-pasteurized, organic half & half is a $101 million category, which Organic Valley leads with 49.5 percent share. In the mainstream channel, the 100 percent grass-fed milk segment is growing at an incredibly rapid rate of 177.3 percent.* In the natural channel, it’s growing at a respectable 14.7 percent. Combined, the 100 percent grass-fed milk segment is experiencing a 120.2 percent growth rate.*

Organic, grass-fed half & half is a great option for consumers who are passionate not only about flavor and nutrition, but also about animal welfare, soil health and environmental sustainability. Cows munching on grass promotes animal health, along with holistic and sustainable land stewardship practices. Grassmilk products aren’t just produced; they’re crafted by farmers who must understand the complex interactions between the nutrients and biology of their soil and the nutritional requirements of a cow. And since it’s from Organic Valley, it’s always organic, which means no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs.

Organic Valley Grassmilk half & half will be available in 16-ounce pints beginning in March at natural foods stores, food cooperatives and major grocery chains nationwide with a SRP of $3.19.

*Source: SPINS 52 weeks ending 11/5/2017.

Source: Organic Valley