The Lily: Summer Bulb Of The Year
by iBulb
Posted: 2018-03-01 15:41:43 EST

Dazzling lilies set off colorful fireworks in the garden. Garden? Yes, in the garden! Many people are familiar with lilies as cut flowers but don’t know that they can also add sparkle to the garden. This is why the lily was selected to be the Summer Bulb of 2018.


Lilies are native to the entire Northern Hemisphere. They have been seen as a flower of significance for thousands of years because of the extensive symbolism that surrounds them. The lily represents femininity, love, purity and a sense of transience. But lilies also have a wonderful history. In 1150, King Louis of France used an image of a lily on his shield as a symbol of his name (Louis or Loys) and power. The Lily is also portrayed as a focal point in many historical paintings.

Summer flowers

Lilies are real summer flowers. Their impressive flowers will be glowing in the garden from early June until sometime in September. This is because the many varieties of lilies will bloom in succession throughout that time. If you would like to enjoy lilies in your garden all summer long, here are their flowering periods:

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