Aryzta Insurer Sues Supplier For Allegedly Contaminating Bread Line
by Mark Paul, The Irish Times
Posted: 2018-03-05 15:41:33 EST

Insurers for Aryzta have launched legal action against a US company for allegedly spilling metal chips into equipment at the Irish-Swiss food group and contaminating bread and dough production lines at a facility in Pennsylvania.

A court action in Aryzta’s name has been filed in the United States against Gottstein Corporation, a contractor it had hired to build a metal walkway over its breadmaking machines at the plant, in Hazle Township.

The action says the alleged spillage, in December 2016, forced Aryzta to withdraw one of its food products, and cost about $650,000, or €525,000. The filing also accuses Gottstein of negligence and breach of contract, and alleges its work was unsafe as it contaminated the bread.

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