Emmi Roth President Hopes 'Lightning Strikes Again' At World Cheese Championship
by Margaret Duffey, Madison Magazine
Posted: 2018-03-06 15:41:48 EST

The 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest will bring cheese makers and enthusiasts from around the world to Madison for three cheesy days starting Tuesday, March 6. Wisconsin cheese maker Emmi Roth took home the grand prize for its Grand Cru Surchoix during the last contest, making it the first time an American cheese maker took home the award in 28 years. 

“I think there’s more great cheese makers in the U.S. today than there were ever before,” says Emmi Roth President Tim Omer.

Looking ahead to this week's competition, Omer says he knows European cheese makers want to take back the title this week, but that there is “great momentum in [the U.S.] as far as cheese making goes.” This momentum is especially strong in Wisconsin. The state secured the first “grand slam” last year because cheese makers from Wisconsin took home grand prizes at the 2017 U.S. Cheese Championship, 2016 American Cheese Society Competition and 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest. 

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