Shatto Milk Company Introduces Milk Flavorizer
by Shatto Milk Company
Posted: 2018-03-07 15:28:53 EST

Shatto Milk Company is introducing a new product line that will hit store shelves starting later this week, Premium Milk Flavorizers.  Shatto Milk Flavorizers are packaged in colorful tin containers containing 12 ounces of powdered flavor.  When added to milk or coffee the flavoring adds amazingly fun flavor. 

The flavors include:  Strawberry, Cinnamon Roll, Orange Dream, Vanilla and Blueberry.  This new product line is a direct result of customer requests.  “Customers have been asking for additional fun flavors to be available year-round”, says Barb Shatto.  “This product line allows that to happen.  It also allows customers to make their favorite Shatto flavor using Shatto Skim, 1%, 2% or Whole Milk, which increases variety as Shatto flavored milks are currently only available in whole and 2% varieties.” 

Shatto Milk Flavorizers will be made available to all stores that carry Shatto Milk and for the first time to other specialty shops in and around Kansas City and through Shatto Home Delivery, a locally focused food delivery service. 

“This is one of the first products that we can ship outside of Kansas City, so those that that live outside of the area that want a bit of Shatto Milk in their lives can have a can shipped to them by visiting or can request their local stores carry it.  Shatto Milk Company will be setting up distribution to accommodate any stores that have an interest in carrying this product within the United States.

Each container has a resemblance to the Shatto Milk Company bottles as the jars sport a fun word down the front, a fun and informative story on the side and many fun and creative descriptions throughout. 

The Shatto Family began delivering farm-fresh milk from their local family farm to select supermarkets in June 2003.  The Shatto’s also opened a Country Store at their dairy and began offering tours of their local family farm and bottling facility.

Shatto Milk Company uses milk only from its own cows.  The milk is processed into whole, 2 percent, 1 percent, skim, chocolate, rootbeer, strawberry, banana, and orange flavors, butter and cream.  The Shattos have added ice cream, fresh cheese and award winning aged cheeses over the course of the last 5 years.  For a list of the supermarkets carrying Shatto Milk Company products or to inquire about carrying this new product, contact Shatto Milk Company at (816) 930-3862 or visit their website  Shatto Milk Company is located at 9406 N. Hwy 33, Osborn MO 64474.  The farm is situated on Highway 33, 4 miles south of US 36 and 6 miles north of Missouri 116, accessible from both I-35 and I-29.   A complete map is available on the Shatto’s website at

Source: Shatto Milk Company