Sunkist Growers Announces Billion-Dollar Member Payments For Fourth Consecutive Year At Annual Meeting
by Sunkist Growers
Posted: 2018-03-08 09:12:27 EST

Valencia, California—Sunkist Growers held the cooperative’s 124th annual meeting on February 21, summarizing the organization’s strong 2017 season performance and seating the 26-member Board of Directors for the upcoming year.

“Careful and well-orchestrated management of last year’s crops, along with coordinated sales and marketing strategies, allowed us to achieve steady movement and strong pricing in 2017,” said Sunkist President & CEO Russell Hanlin. “Last season’s performance resulted in record member payments of nearly $1.2 billion dollars, the highest in our history.”

Sunkist’s leadership has been diligently focused on executing key strategic initiatives to maintain industry leadership and competitive returns to grower members. In addition to achieving these objectives, the management of Sunkist and Fruit Growers Supply (FGS) was consolidated to improve fiscal performance and best serve the constituencies of both organizations.

“Sunkist’s board and management continues to proactively evaluate opportunities to maximize efficiencies within the organization,” said Gerald Denni, who was re-elected as chairman of Sunkist’s Board of Directors during the meeting. “The management consolidation of Sunkist and FGS underway has been positive, and we are very optimistic about the synergistic benefits that this shared services model will afford both companies moving forward.

The organization’s for-profit businesses also performed well in 2017, supporting positive revenue streams and well-positioning the organization for future growth.

“We have tremendous optimism for the future of the Sunkist cooperative,” said Denni. “We have made many positive organizational changes, and also gained significant acreage last year that will further establish Sunkist as the leader in the fresh citrus industry.”

Founded in 1893, the Sunkist cooperative of family farms offers more than 40 fresh citrus varieties and remains a brand that has been trusted by customers and consumers for over a century. With thousands of grower members in California and Arizona, the Sunkist cooperative reflects the values and legacy of its 125-year history: family-owned farms where traditional growing practices, stewardship of natural resources and a dedication to innovation are proudly passed through the generations.

Founded under the principle that more can be accomplished by working together, Sunkist continues to promote a culture of family and collaboration with growers and customers to drive beneficial results for all. Sunkist offers a full range of cartons, bags, display masters, bins and reusable plastic containers (RPCs) which have been designed with customers’ needs in mind. The company provides customer-specific creative marketing and promotional support to retail and foodservice trade designed to build consumer excitement, demand and sales.


Sunkist Growers is a citrus marketing cooperative, founded in 1893, which is owned by and operated for thousands of family farmers growing citrus in California and Arizona.

Source: Sunkist Growers