NAPAR Announces Partnership With Topco To Pass On Savings For Members
by NAPAR, the National Association of Perishable Agricultural Receivers
Posted: 2018-03-08 09:12:27 EST

Washington, DC – NAPAR Chairman Matthew D’Arrigo, of D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York, announced the creation of a partnership between NAPAR and Topco Associates, LLC, the largest food industry buying cooperative in the United States.  The partnership allows NAPAR members to purchase not-for-resale supplies through Topco’s “Indirect Spend” program, which utilizes the collective buying power of Topco’s food industry wholesale and retail members.  This collective buying power will produce significant savings for NAPAR’s members.

“This is a great opportunity for NAPAR’s produce wholesaler-receiver members,” D’Arrigo said. “For those who participate, Topco’s collective buying power will provide NAPAR members with significant savings on everything they use to run their businesses, from forklifts and jacks to shrink wrap and corrugated, and from trucks and tires to refrigeration equipment,” he continued. “This partnership will push more to their bottom lines and make them more competitive,” he concluded.

NAPAR members will save by participating in national contracts that have been negotiated by Topco for its members.  In many cases they will purchase the same brand names from the same suppliers at substantial savings.  “Topco will make NAPAR members more competitive and more successful,” D’Arrigo said.

NAPAR is the only national produce association dedicated exclusively to produce wholesalers and receivers.  With NAPAR, produce wholesalers and receivers come first, and this partnership with Topco will create a new, exclusive service for its members. 

About NAPAR:  NAPAR, the National Association of Perishable Agricultural Receivers, is based in Washington, DC.  It is the only fresh produce association focused exclusively on and representing the unique interests of produce wholesalers and receivers in the U.S.  NAPAR members are some the leading wholesale receivers in the country.  Most are family-owned, multi-generational businesses.  For more information, visit

About Topco Associates, LLC:  Topco Associates LLC is an over $14 billion, privately held company that provides aggregation, innovation and knowledge management solutions for its leading food industry member-owners and customers, including grocery retailers, wholesalers and food service companies. Topco leverages the collective volume, knowledge and commitment of these companies to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs and offering winning business-building capabilities.  For more information, visit

Source: NAPAR, the National Association of Perishable Agricultural Receivers