EcoFish Celebrates 100% Certified Sustainable Retail Product Line
by Marine Stewardship Council
Posted: 2018-03-08 15:34:20 EST

Washington, D.C. – EcoFish’s retail product line Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood has achieved 100% certified sustainable seafood across their full range of products. The company has successfully achieved both Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for all farm-raised fish, and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for all wild-caught fish.

EcoFish has long demonstrated their commitment to sourcing sustainable seafood and was the first company in the United States to achieve MSC Chain of Custody certification in 2001. In 2016 they partnered with the ASC to ensure their farm-raised products could make credible claims of their responsibly farmed origin. Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood is available in over 4,500 grocery stores around the United States, in both the canned and frozen seafood aisles. They feature canned Alaskan Salmon, Pacific Northwest Albacore Tuna, and European Sardines, and frozen Alaskan Pollock Nuggets, Alaskan Salmon and Cod portions, Alaskan Salmon Burgers, and Ecuadorian Farm Raised Shrimp..

“The MSC and ASC are the most credible certifiers of sustainable seafood in the world, and we are proud to display their seal of approval on 100% of our Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood products,” said Henry Lovejoy, President of EcoFish. “Increasingly in large numbers, retail buyers and consumers are seeking 100% traceable certified sustainable seafood, and in partnership with these two great organizations we deliver!  We encourage the entire seafood supply chain to think toward the future, embrace sustainability and become certified.”

Both ASC and MSC certification is a voluntary, science-based program verified by an independent, third party organization. In both cases, certification guarantees that fish can be traced throughout the supply chain to an ASC or MSC certified source.

“I’d like to applaud EcoFish for their commitment to responsible aquaculture,” said Marcos Moya, ASC Commercial Outreach Manager. “Consumers increasingly want to feel confident they are making an informed choice when they buy fish, and certified seafood can be traced back to producers who operate at the highest industry standards to ensure the preservation of the natural environment, biodiversity and water resources, and provide good working conditions for their employees.”

“100% certified seafood is a notable accomplishment by EcoFish and we’re proud of their demonstrated dedication to sustainable seafood,” said Brian Perkins, Regional Director of the Americas, Marine Stewardship Council. “They’re making wild, traceable, sustainable seafood easy for consumers to find and enjoy, which is good for them, the oceans, and the millions of Americans who rely on seafood for their livelihoods.”

EcoFish is also participating in the Keep It Wild campaign in celebration of MSC’s 20th anniversary throughout the month of March. The campaign recognizes industry leaders who are helping MSC protect the world’s oceans and encourages consumers to help keep the oceans wild by choosing the blue fish when purchasing seafood.

About the Aquaculture Stewardship Council

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) is as an independent, not-for-profit organisation co-funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) in 2010 to operate a certification and labelling programme for responsible farming across the globe. The ASC Standards were created to address the most pressing environmental and social impacts of aquaculture. Certification is through an independent, third party process and reports are uploaded to the ASC website to allow for a high level of stakeholder engagement. The on-pack ASC logo guarantees to consumers that the fish they purchase has been farmed with minimal impacts on the environment and on society. To learn more, visit

About EcoFish

EcoFish has been pioneering the sustainable seafood category since 1999. EcoFish sources seafood exclusively from environmentally sustainable fisheries, as determined by an independent Advisory Board comprised of some of the world’s leading marine conservation scientists. All products are 100% sustainable and all natural, and their award-winning frozen and canned Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood line can be found in over 4,500 grocery stores nationwide.

About the Marine Stewardship Council

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international nonprofit organization that recognizes and rewards efforts to protect oceans and safeguard seafood supplies for the future. The MSC wants future generations to be able to enjoy seafood and oceans full of life, forever. The organization has developed a blue fish label that denotes seafood that is wild, traceable and sustainable. The blue fish label is only applied to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing. For more information, visit

Source: Marine Stewardship Council