The Start Of The Breakfast Alphabet: “A” Is For “Applewood”

May 3, 2010 Farmland Foods, Inc.

Farmland Applewood Smoked Bacon is part of a tasty beginning to the day.

Cheese And Heritage, A Unique Diploma

May 3, 2010 Smallholder

A new university diploma, unique in Europe, offers personalized training on cheese and focuses on the importance of gastronomy and culture plus sales and marketing techniques.

Prosciutto Di Parma Exports Increased In 2009

Counter to the global economic trend last year, exports of Prosciutto di Parma grew 1.6%, according to the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma.

King & Prince Seafood Introduces New Products For Foodservice

The choices include Mrs. Fridays Crab Sensations with King Crab Meat, Breaded Ring & Tentacle Calamari, Junior Krabbycakes and Seafood Inspirations.