Global Aquaculture Alliance Offers New Traceability Option For BAP Certification

The Global Aquaculture Alliance is introducing a new option for achieving the traceability required for Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. Effective September 1, facilities that apply for or renew their BAP certifications can opt to use either the current online verification or a chain of custody verification. Either approach to meeting the traceability required in the BAP standards will be verified during the third-party audits of the facilities.

With Northumberland Strait Lobster Season End Near, Fishermen Count Lacklustre Catches

The Northumberland Strait lobster season wraps up this week and it was a tough season for most fishermen. Currently the price per pound for canners and markets is $5.25, up from the beginning of the season and up $1 per pound from last year as well.

Oyster Harvesters Remain Wary After Mississippi River Flooding

The dire fear that Mississippi River floodwater would decimate the already much-beleaguered Louisiana oyster crop has, thus far, not come to fruition.

Springer Mountain Farms Introduces Paula Deen Chicken Products

June 30, 2011 Springer Mountain Farms

Popular Food Network personality Paula Deen has partnered with Springer Mountain Farms to produce and package her branded line of chicken products.

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear National Meat Association's Case

National Meat Association is pleased that the Supreme Court announced today its intentions to review the Ninth Circuit's decision in NMA v. Harris. The case is expected to be put on the Court’s calendar in the next term, which begins on October 4, 2011.