Smithfield Attains 100th Donation On Helping Hungry Homes Tour

February 1, 2012 Smithfield Packing

Smithfield, this week, completed its 100th donation on its Helping Hungry Homes® tour totaling more than 14 million servings of protein donated to local food banks across the country.

Seafood Industry Research Fund Evolves

February 1, 2012 National Fisheries Institute

After 40 successful years of addressing the research needs of the seafood community, the Fisheries Scholarship Fund (FSF) is evolving into the Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF). The change marks a new beginning for the philanthropic organization, which remains closely aligned with NFI as it redoubles its commitment to providing access to research it has sponsored, with the launch of a new website this week. The site will serve as a public database for the nearly 400 research projects funded by the group over the last four decades.

Symphony Of Seafood Products Will Compete For Top Honors

February 1, 2012 Laine Welch, Arctic Sounder

An array of 19 new seafood products will compete for top honors at the annual Symphony of Seafood contest, and the crowd will choose the popular People's Choice award. The event provides an even playing field for Alaska's major seafood companies and small 'mom and pops,' such as Tustamena Smokehouse in Kasilof with its salmon bacon.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Updates Seafood Watch Criteria, Research Process

After an 18-month evaluation process involving key partners and more than 60 international experts, the aquarium has revised both its sustainability assessment criteria and internal research process so reports can be updated more frequently, and are more concise and clearly organized, while maintaining the information essential to each recommendation.

FFP & MPS Ready To Explore Marketing Cooperation

February 1, 2012 MPS

Fair Flowers Fair Plants and MPS have agreed to explore the possibilities to cooperate in marketing the FFP label. The organizations have corresponding ambitions in mainstreaming sustainability in order to reach a larger part of the consumers. The marketing of the consumer label will be done with more strength and broader support with a higher number of producers and traders sourcing.