Big Beef Fights Back Using Money, Science

But Big Beef is fighting back. The beef industry has funneled millions into a public relations campaign to cast steaks and burgers as something akin to health food — something you can eat every day, even twice a day.

Tyler, TX Roses Not As Easy To Find As They Once Were

Tyler is known for its roses, but today it's a lot harder to find them than it once was. At the height of the rose growing industry, stands with cut roses for sale could be found around town and in front of rose growers' houses on numerous roads out of town, according to local residents and business owners.

Magical Winter Moments With Calandiva

December 31, 2012 Fides

Magical Winter Moments is an annual event organized in the beautiful scenery of a medieval hospital along the idyllic canals in the very centre of Bruges. The combination of an exceptional location, the beautiful flower decorations and the cosy atmosphere ensure this winter outing will be an unforgettable experience! This event was held from Friday 22 November to Sunday 1 December 2012.

New 'Ice Punch' Poinsettia Packs Colorful Punch

Red may be the traditional holiday choice for poinsettias, but a recent introduction to the floriculture world called “Ice Punch” will turn heads this season, according to David Trinklein, University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialist.

Source Of Stilton Cheese's Unique Smell Revealed

December 31, 2012 Jon Welch, BBC News Online

Stilton is known as much for its unique smell as for its strong taste and distinctive blue-veined appearance. But exactly what gives it and other blue cheeses their particular aroma has always been a mystery.