Boston Sword & Tuna Back Supplying Market Basket

Michael Scola, president of Boston Sword and Tuna, Market Basket’s seafood vendor, said the company will be making two-a-day deliveries to the chain’s Tewksbury warehouse likely until the middle of next week to catch up. Such shipments typically go out once a day.

Juneau Empire Editorial: Protect Alaska Seafood By Banning Russian Imports

There’s a cold war brewing in your freezer. If the United States cannot convince Russia to lift its import ban, it must implement a ban of its own to avoid further harm to the Alaska fishing industry.

Scientists Study Assessment Of Gulf Of Maine Cod Levels

Scientists are set to begin reviewing an assessment of the Gulf of Maine cod population that says the species is spawning at an all-time low.

Rabbit Meat Is In The Midst Of A Miniature Revival

From Brooklyn to Oregon, cuniculture is having a miniature revival of sorts, as hipster foodies and wannabe homesteaders take classes to learn how to raise, slaughter and butcher rabbits.

NCBA Issues Statement On APHIS' Proposed Rule To Allow Beef From Argentine Region

The United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Inspection Service published a proposed rule in the Federal Register today to allow the importation of beef from a region in Argentina. National Cattlemen's Beef Association President Bob McCan, cattleman from Victoria, Texas, issued the following statement: