Cheese Of The Month: Symphonie Comté

With the cold weather starting to bite, an "Alpine Island" has suddenly materialized in front of the cheese counter at Di Bruno Bros. in the Ben Franklin building.

Apply For The Prestigious ACS Official Conference Cheesemonger Position By January 9

December 31, 2014 American Cheese Society

Are you a passionate cheese professional interested in showcasing and strengthening your skills? Apply to be the next ACS Official Conference Cheesemonger!

Scarborough, ME Duo Proves Butter Is Back & Better Than Ever

At the vanguard of the recent butter surge is Alicia Menard and her partner Jennell Carter, who churn Maine cream into artisan butter in flavors such as fiery peach habanero, blue cheese and even pumpkin spice.

Board Approves New Rules For Hawaii Milk Prices

Hawaii’s Board of Agriculture has voted to amend rules governing wholesale milk prices paid to island farmers.

How California's New Rules Are Scrambling The Egg Industry

December 31, 2014 Dan Charles, NPR

Within just a few days, on Jan. 1, all eggs sold in California will have to come from chickens that live in more spacious quarters — almost twice as spacious, in fact, as the cages that have been the industry standard.