Biggest Hot Dog Weekend Of The Year Kicks Off National Hot Dog Month

Independence Day weekend is more than just fireworks to celebrate America’s birthday, it’s also the weekend of the hot dog and official kick off of July as National Hot Dog Month. Americans are expected to eat more than 150 million hot dogs over the holiday weekend, more than any other time of the year and enough to stretch from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles more than five times.

Columbus, OH Flower-Farm Open House Touts 'Local,' Sustainable

In a straw hat and with the sleeves of his checkered shirt rolled up enough that you could see his tattoo of a dahlia, Steve Adams revealed his obsession in the sprawling field of some of the most beautiful blooms in Columbus. Adams and his wife, Gretel, started their farm in 2007 because they were passionate about buying and selling locally made products, especially fresh flowers. They grow flowers for mixed-cut bouquets to sell at local farmers markets, grocery stores, to florists and for weddings and other occasions.

2015 KB Cup 'Iron Designer' Is..

June 30, 2015 Kitayama Brothers

Two months of brainstorming, behind the scenes work to marketing and promoting of the 2015 KB Cup Floral Design Competition resulted in an exciting and fun event at this year’s KB Open House.

Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose Honored With ARS Award Of Excellence

June 30, 2015 Spring Meadow Nursery

The American Rose Society (ARS) announced at the 2015 National Conference that Proven Winners® received the Award of Excellence for Oso Easy® Lemon Zest rose. To receive the Award of Excellence, a rose must prove its mettle in six different no-spray trial locations across the United States. This is the second Proven Winners rose to win this prestigious award; Oso Happy® Petit Pink rose received the Award of Excellence in 2012.

Laurentides' Fabulous 'Fuoco' Water Buffalo Milk Cheese

Fuoco is a subtle cheese that is somehow both quietly delicate and richly memorable. Made by Fromagerie Fuoco in Quebec’s Laurentides region, it is the only water buffalo washed rind cheese currently being made in the province. Available in dainty 180g wheels or greedily sliced off of a large round, it has a lush interior that ranges from dense and springy to oozingly soft. When the cheese is young its crust has a tawny chalkiness to it; as it ages it transforms into a deep brown sticky rind.