Peter Carpenter Hired As BAP Certification Manager

The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) division has expanded its management team with the addition of Peter Carpenter as BAP certification manager, effective immediately.

Spiny Lobster Season Starts With Record Harvest, Low Prices

The harvest of spiny lobster off the Florida Keys has never been better, but the price fishermen are being paid is down significantly so far because the Asian market has yet to take off this season.

Bills Aim To Help Businesses Raise Clams, Oysters

Two New Jersey legislators say they want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to set up aquaculture projects to raise clams and oysters.

Springer Mountain Farms Launches Mobile Site With Live-Streaming Component

August 31, 2015 Springer Mountain Farms

Springer Mountain Farms, a local poultry producer known for its flavorful chicken without antibiotics, has released its new mobile site, hosting a variety of recipes, cooking tips for the at-home chef, event information and live-streamed cooking demonstrations giving users behind-the-scene looks into local kitchens of some of the Southeast’s best restaurants.

Satisfying Grass-Fed Beef Demand No Easy Task For Ranchers In Northern Arizona

August 31, 2015 Melissa Sevigny, KJZZ

Demand for local, sustainable beef is on the rise. But getting into the alternative beef business isn’t easy.