Unsaturated Fats, High-Quality Carbs Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

September 30, 2015 American College of Cardiology

While eliminating saturated fats can improve heart health, a new study shows that it makes a difference which foods are used in their place. A study published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats and high-quality carbohydrates has the most impact on reducing the risk of heart disease. When saturated fats were replaced with highly processed foods, there was no benefit.

TX's Three Brothers Bakery Announces New Challah Flavor

September 30, 2015 Three Brothers Bakery

The Three Brothers Bakery fans have spoken, and the winning challah poll flavor is cinnamon. The competition was tight, with cinnamon, sprinkle and chocolate chip all in the running.

How To Make Better Cookies With Science

September 30, 2015 The American Chemical Society

Chocolate chip cookies are nearly universally adored. People like them in all sorts of textures, sizes and tastes. So how can you make your perfect cookie? Using science, of course. October 1 is National Homemade Cookies Day, so for this week's Reactions episode, we partnered with Science News magazine's Bethany Brookshire to take a bite out of baking with the scientific method.

Hackensack, NJ Costco To Become Business Center Store

September 30, 2015 Joan Verdon, The Record

Warehouse store chain Costco is planning to convert its Hackensack location to a more specialized business center after the store closes Oct. 13. The Hackensack store will be closed to the public temporarily while Costco finalizes plans for the building's conversion to a store that caters primarily to small-business owners, the company said.

Publix Super Markets Charities Donates $4M To Habitat For Humanity

September 30, 2015 Publix

Publix Super Markets Charities (PSMC) announced today that it would donate $4 million to Habitat for Humanity affiliates across the Southeast. The donation will provide funding to build 40 new houses in 2016 as well as increase support to more than 60 affiliates whom the Foundation currently funds.