MOU To Boost Availability Of Four-Star BAP Tilapia

January 29, 2016 Global Aquaculture Alliance

In an effort to grow the availability of four-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) tilapia, the Global Aquaculture Alliance has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Fishin’ Company in which the U.S.-based supplier will encourage all of its tilapia processing plants, farms, hatcheries and feed mills to enroll in the iBAP program and, ultimately, attain BAP certification.

SeaBear Company Earns Non-GMO Project Verification For Two Salmon Lines

January 29, 2016 SeaBear Company

SeaBear Company, a leading processor of premium smoked salmon in the United States, is proud to announce its Gerard & Dominique line of wild salmon lox and its SeaBear brand Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon are both are now verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Delaware DNR Forecasts Blue Crab Rebound, Weak Oyster Harvest

Surveys are projecting a solid harvest of around four million pounds for Delaware's most valuable fishery. DNREC's Rich Wong says that's based on the number of juvenile crabs coming into the bay's population — what biologists call recruitment.

US On High Alert For Bird Flu After Indiana Poultry Outbreak

January 29, 2016 Tom Polansek, Reuters

In the two weeks since bird flu reappeared in Indiana, U.S. veterinarians have swabbed the mouths of chickens and turkeys across the country, racing to uncover any more infections and contain the virus before it causes mass death and damage like last year.

The Grass-Fed Beef Supply Chain

January 29, 2016 Steve Banker, Forbes

Demand for grass-fed beef has grown at an annual rate of 25-30 percent for the past decade at the same time that per capita beef consumption for traditional beef products continues to decline. A recent study determined that grass-fed beef demand in several major US metropolitan markets is 3 to 6 percent of the total beef market share.