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Hy-Vee's Experiment: Newest Store Will Focus On Health

Grocery giant Hy-Vee is once again experimenting with a new type of store in metro Des Moines — this time aimed at the lucrative health industry.

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market Brings In Two New Executives In Key Roles

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, a growing Downers Grove, Illinois-based chain of specialty grocery stores, has brought aboard two executives to fill key positions in the company.

How Grocers Can Survive The Amazon/Whole Foods Takeover

July 3, 2017 Mir Aamir, Fortune

Amazon’s ability to shatter the grocery industry—following its purchase of Whole Foods earlier this month—is far from a fait accompli. The industry—with its fresh food and complex delivery system—isn’t Blockbuster or Borders. But if there was a wake-up call, this is it. Large public companies with slim margins rarely embark on radical reinventions, but that’s precisely what is needed now.

Earl's Organic Announces Exclusive Partnership With Ellwood Canyon

July 3, 2017 Earl's Organic Produce

Earl's Organic Produce is excited to announce they are the exclusive distributor of Ellwood Canyon Farms. Jack Motter and Jeff Kramer have been farming organically since 2009, specializing in handpicked tomatoes, carrots, summer and winter squash and a variety of other organic fruits and vegetables year-round on 66 acres in the fertile Goleta Valley, just north of Santa Barbara.

New Grapes And Health Monograph Details Science Linking Grapes And Health

A newly released book titled Grapes and Health: A Monograph offers a thorough review of the current science linking the consumption of grapes to better health. Designed for health and science professionals, this 235-page authoritative reference is a compilation and synthesis of peer-reviewed, grape-specific research which demonstrates the significant scope of the health impact of grape consumption.