Nitrate-Free Bacon Is Coming

December 29, 2017 Elisabeth Perlman, Verdict

Nitrate-free bacon will soon appear on UK supermarket shelves amid health concerns surrounding the use of the chemical in foods.

New Selecta One Chrysanthemum And Poinsettia Catalogs For 2018

December 29, 2017 Selecta One

Selecta One is happy to present you our new catalogue with a great choice of garden mum varieties and a well-established assortment of Disbud pot types for 2018. We offer a complete assortment and for every producer the appropriate variety concerning colour, week of blooming and suitability for outdoor or black-out planting.

Leatherleaf Supply At 30-Year Low, FL Growers Predict Valentine’s Shortage

December 29, 2017 Society of American Florists

Floral greens farmers in Florida are putting out a message to the floral industry: Two major hurricanes in the span of 11 months has been too much for farms to bear. As the growers hustle to mitigate damage, and protect current and future product, retail florists should expect a very tight supply of leatherleaf for Valentine’s Day.

Selecta One Recaps Magic Stars 2017 Holland & Denmark

December 29, 2017 Selecta One

November is usually the month when our Magic Stars events take place. In 2017 there were two Poinsettia presentations in the Netherlands and in Denmark.

Meet The Cheese-Making Buffalos Who Listen To Mozart And Get Massages

December 29, 2017 Livia Hengel, EatSipTrip

Just one hour south of Naples, water buffalos are getting the royal treatment at Tenuta Vannulo, one of Italy’s premiere organic dairy farms. Situated on an expansive 500 acres in the heart of Mozzarella Land, this gastronomic paradise feels more like an estate you’d come across in Sonoma than in southern Italy’s wild and rustic countryside: not only is it exceptionally manicured, orderly and clean, it also uses advanced farming technology in sophisticated ways.