DNR Reports 98% White Shrimp Loss Following January's Cold Snap

It could be a very lean year for white shrimp in Charleston. Due to January's freak snowstorm and 21 consecutive days of water temperatures at or below 48°F, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says they've seen a 98 percent loss in white shrimp.

Oregon Considers New Rules For Crab

As closures related to harmful marine toxins continue to plague Oregon’s lucrative commercial Dungeness crab fishery, new rules are under consideration that will help state fishery managers trace crab after it is caught and respond with more flexibility.

National Fisheries Institute Issues Statement On WTO Catfish Consultation

February 28, 2018 National Fisheries Institute

News that Vietnam has sought World Trade Organization (WTO) consultation with the United States over the United States Department of Agriculture’s catfish program should come as little surprise to those familiar with the decade-old history of this duplicative and wasteful program.

Getting The Facts Straight When It Comes To Canada's Favorite Meat Protein

February 28, 2018 Chicken Farmers of Canada

Chicken is Canada's favorite protein, according to a recent survey conducted by Leger for Chicken Farmers of Canada. 84% of Canadians purchase fresh chicken on a regular basis, and 90% place chicken among the top three meats they eat most often – consuming more Chicken than beef [72%], pork [52%] or other meats.

China Removes Duties On US Chicken But Market Remains Closed To US Poultry And Egg Exports

February 28, 2018 National Chicken Council (NCC)

China’s decision to drop anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties as of Tuesday on U.S. broilers was welcomed by the U.S. industry, but the decision is not expected to have any immediate, direct impact because the China market remains closed to U.S. poultry and egg exports due to an ongoing avian influenza ban imposed in 2015.