Tyson Plans Own Plant-Based Foods

Demand for products that look, feel and taste like meat, poultry and cheese will likely continue to grow, Tyson Foods said this week. The company plans to develop its own similar protein products and they could be on store shelves as early as this year, said Noel White, the company’s president and chief executive.

Petal to Metal: Rose Inspections Didn’t Stop During Shutdown

February 13, 2019 Associated Press

Throughout the five-week government shutdown, one essential government service continued at Miami International Airport: checking for exotic bugs in bunches of roses destined for Valentine’s Day bouquets.

Love Has Helped Floral Industry Thrive Despite Economic Swings

The floriculture industry is valued at about $43 billion and growing by about 7 percent a year, according to a recent report by N.Y.-based Future Market Insights. Soaring demand and well-orchestrated supply chains are allowing developing countries to get in on the trade.

Valentine’s Day: Why Fresh Flower Delivery is a Science

February 13, 2019 Julia Limitone, Fox News

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance and love around the world and also a big day for business.

Darigold Introduces High-Protein Milk with Less Sugar

February 13, 2019 Darigold

Darigold is expanding its portfolio of milk products to include FIT, an ultrafiltered, lactose free, high-protein milk. FIT delivers Darigold’s same delicious taste with 75 percent more protein and 40 percent less sugar than regular 2% milk. The farmer-owned co-op’s ultrafiltration process naturally concentrates protein and removes sugars.