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Got Impossible Milk? The Quest for Lab-Made Dairy

September 3, 2019 Knvul Sheikh, New York Times

The quest for cow-free dairy is expanding. In Oakland, scientists at a community science lab are trying to make their own open-source recipe for lab-made cheese. And a start-up in Boston called Motif Ingredients is engineering a variety of ingredients to replace traditional dairy, eggs and meat proteins.

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences to Showcase Extensive Bakery Ingredients at IBIE19

September 3, 2019 DuPont

As part of its industry-leading portfolio of emulsifiers, DuPont will introduce DIMODAN® NG 100 at the expo. DIMODAN® NG 100 is a non-GMO, next generation emulsifier solution to replace hydrated monoglycerides as a dough conditioner and crumb strengthener in a broad range of applications.

Telling The Story of Dave’s ‘Killer’ Bread

September 3, 2019 Valdosta Daily Times

We found the bread as our family has been trying to eat more organic and non-GMO foods. To say Jill oversees our shopping overstates the very small role I play in stocking the Fowler family shelves.

Barry Callebaut Introduces Bensdorp Natural Dark – A Flavorful, 100% Natural, Dark Cocoa Powder

September 3, 2019 Barry Callebaut

Natural Dark is a dark, flavorful, 100% natural cocoa powder with a superior taste experience obtained without being processed with alkali

Maine’s Largest Lobster Industry Group Withdraws From Whale Agreement

September 3, 2019 Mainebiz

The Maine Lobstermen’s Association withdrew support from an agreement that calls for Northeast lobstermen to reduce their risk to endangered North Atlantic right whales by 60%.