Revealing Meat and Fish Fraud With a Handheld ‘MasSpec Pen’ in Seconds

March 31, 2021 American Chemical Society

Researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have optimized their handheld MasSpec Pen to identify common types of meat and fish within 15 seconds.

Jet Fresh Flower Growers Boutique Farm Constructs Greenhouses in Ecuador

Within the year, Jet Fresh Flower Growers has constructed two new greenhouses bringing the current total to 14, with additional room for more development in the near future.

The 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. Family of Brands Serve Up a Healthy Dose of Happiness

March 31, 2021 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

As the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. family of brands continues to offer creative solutions to help customers express and connect, it has introduced a collection of new and exclusive products to celebrate the occasion of getting that special shot in the arm.

Skagit Valley’s Tulip Growers Endure, Adjust Expectations

As the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up locally a year ago, the family that owns RoozenGaarde and Washington Bulb Co. found itself with millions of flowers without buyers at the height of tulip season.

Wisconsin Dairy Marketing Group Nationally Recognized For ‘Cheeselandia’ Social Media Campaign

Wisconsin’s statewide dairy marketing program has been nationally recognized for their use of social media influencers to promote Wisconsin cheese.