Now 75, Hanan Products “Hires” New Robot to Help With the Heavy Lifting

September 7, 2021 Hanan Products Co.

Hanan Products, a pioneer in the wholesale whipped topping, icing, and dessert filling sector, and the original creator of Tasty Whip, announces a new addition to its Long Island, NY facility – a robot named Hugo that picks and stacks heavy boxes. The fast, accurate, and efficient giant robotic arm does the heavy lifting, so Hanan’s staff doesn’t have to complete this step in the manufacturing/packing process. Moreover, it will help Hanan meet an increased demand for its products.

Excitement Builds For IBIE 2022

It’s still more than a year away, but IBIE 2022 in Las Vegas is very much on the minds of baking industry professionals — and planning is moving into higher gear.

Impossible Foods Surpasses Animal Meat With Impossible Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants

September 7, 2021 Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods announced the launch of its newest product – Impossible Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants – marking a major milestone in consumers’ preference for plant-based products.

Partnership For Food Safety Education Behind First National Food Safety Campaign For Food Delivery

Prep Yourself: Food Is on the Way, the first national food safety campaign specifically targeting users of food delivery services, seeks to encourage safe food handling at home and educate consumers on what to consider when ordering from food delivery services.

Welbilt Announces the Passing of Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Richard N. “Rick” Caron

September 7, 2021 Welbilt

Welbilt, Inc. (NYSE:WBT), announced today that Richard N. “Rick” Caron, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, passed away on September 2nd following a brief non-Covid related illness. Mr. Caron, 65, served as the head of innovation and technology since joining Welbilt’s predecessor company Enodis in 2005.