Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella Thompson – Seafood (October 2021) Do not eat, sell, or serve Recalled Seafood Sold in Colorado

October 11, 2021 FDA

The FDA, along with CDC and state and local partners, are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Thompson infections linked to seafood manufactured or processed by Northeast Seafood Products, Inc. of Denver, CO. According to CDC, the majority of sick people are either Colorado residents or reported traveling to Colorado during the week they got sick. Only two people did not report traveling to Colorado during the week they got sick.

Feltman’s of Coney Island Debuts Bratwurst

October 11, 2021 Feltman's of Coney Island

The name behind America’s first hot dog—Feltman’s of Coney Island (est. 1867)—has again expanded its critically-acclaimed product portfolio with the addition of All-Natural Bratwurst, now available exclusively online at Feltmans.US.

Perdue Farms Expands Pasture-Raised Chicken Program, Unique Raising Practice Yields Increased Nutrient Density and Regenerative Environmental Benefits

October 11, 2021 Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms, the industry leader in animal care, announced today during its 6th Annual Animal Care Summit that the company is expanding the number of chickens it will raise on pasture, making it the only large-scale producer to guarantee that poultry products with a “pasture-raised” label have spent the majority of their lives on pasture.

Lab-Grown Meat is Supposed to be Inevitable. The Science Tells a Different Story.

October 11, 2021 Joe Fassler, The Counter

Splashy headlines have long overshadowed inconvenient truths about biology and economics. Now, extensive new research suggests the industry may be on a billion-dollar crash course with reality.

Danziger Expand Their Perennials Assortment With Another Creative Collaboration and Partners With Walters Gardens to Introduce Multiple Perennial Varieties

October 11, 2021 Danziger

A vibrant collaboration will yield beautiful perennial cuttings—and exclusive introductions to satisfy and increase market demand for perennial plants. Danziger entered a partnership with Walters Gardens to become its dedicated licensee and producer of vegetative cuttings outside of North America.