Cooke Among Top Exporters Celebrated in New Brunswick

May 31, 2022 Perishable News

Cooke Aquaculture was among the winners selected by a panel of business experts from academia and the private sector using a scoring system.

Lobster Industry Sees Largest Price Drop in Years

May 31, 2022 The Associated Press

Lobster prices are dipping somewhat just before Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of the industry’s critical summer season.

North American Meat Institute: Meat and Poultry Industry is Resilient

The North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) today released the following statement in response to a U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service report on Agricultural Competition and the first in a series of rules changes the Administration is proposing under the Packers and Stockyards Act:

Meat Processing Plant to be Build South of Rapid City

May 31, 2022 Nick Nelson, KOTA

Kingsbury & Associates, along with Sirius Realty plan on constructing an 8 thousand head per day packing plant off Highway 79 just south of Rapid City. It will process beef, and will have a bison line as well.

Chrysal Compostable Sachet Receives Home Compostable Certificate

May 31, 2022 Chrysal

Our compostable sachet, introduced in 2018 has recently received the DIN Home Compostable Certificate (9P0044). This means that not only is the sachet industrial compostable, but is also home compostable; taking  26 weeks to decompose in a home compost heap. With the introduction of the compostable sachet Chrysal contributes to the change within the flower industry moving from traditional plastic packaging to more sustainable alternatives.