AgroFresh Opens New Global Innovation Center in Chile Expanding Worldwide Footprint

June 8, 2022 AgroFresh

AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. announced the opening of a new global innovation center in Rancagua, Chile. The new center will be staffed by researchers and operations teams and will support growers, packers, shippers and retailers throughout Latin America with customized operational and technical support services and post-harvest solutions to help keep produce fresh longer, reduce food waste and conserve precious natural resources.

Cox Makes Strategic Investment in Controlled Environment Agriculture Company Mucci Farms

June 8, 2022 Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises announced a significant strategic investment in Mucci Farms, a 60-year industry leader with a network of thousands of acres of indoor grown fruits and vegetables. As a long-term operator and investor, Cox is uniquely positioned and committed to partnering with Mucci Farms to scale and meet growing consumer demand. This strategic partnership is the next phase in Cox building a multibillion-dollar controlled environment agriculture (CEA) business and establishing Cox as one of the leading providers of sustainable produce across North America.

Future Crops Moves to 100% Renewable Energy

June 8, 2022 Future Crops

Future Crops, Ltd., has taken its vertical farm a further step off the grid by shifting to reliance on 100% renewable energy. Harnessing the natural green powers of solar and wind energy, the company also is solving the primary hurdle to bringing the industry to a substantially greater carbon-neutral position, all while advancing its sustainability goals.

Walton Family Foundation Urges Action on Seafood Traceability Ahead of World Oceans Day

A new Morning Consult poll commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation shows a majority of Americans (70%) want their seafood to be sourced sustainably and that Americans want to know where their food is processed (65%), an important step in ensuring seafood is sourced by companies with high environmental and human rights standards.

Get More Sustainable for World Oceans Day

June 7, 2022 SeaChoice

This World Oceans Day, SeaChoice calls on Canadian grocers to accelerate their sustainable seafood and social responsibility efforts, following the release of the watchdog’s latest Seafood Progress report.