20 Member Companies Receive ABA’s Safety Recognition Program Awards for Dedication to Workplace Safety

Washington, D.C. – The American Bakers Association Safety Recognition Program is honored to award 20 Member companies across 133 facilities for their effective and successful safety programs in 2021.

“With the most recipient companies in the Program’s history, we are proud to highlight the baking sector’s continued commitment to workforce safety,” said Robb MacKie, President and CEO, of the American Bakers Association. “Our industry’s workforce is the heart of our operations and this program demonstrates our Members’ dedication to workplace safety even as they grappled with additional challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Safety Recognition Program was created in 2016 to establish a safety incentive and recognize individual bakery and allied company sites. The program has increased workplace safety awareness and emphasizes the importance of employee safety in the baking and allied industries. These efforts to develop strong safety programs also prove to be an investment in the company’s financial health as well.


  • AB Mauri
  • AbiMar Foods
  • ADM Milling Co.
  • Alpha Baking Company
  • Ardent Mills
  • Aspire Bakeries
  • Baker Boy
  • Bimbo Bakeries USA
  • CraftMark Bakery
  • D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Co., Inc.
  • Dawn Food Products, Inc.
  • Gemini Bakery Equipment Company
  • Hearthside Food Solutions
  • JLS Automation
  • The Kroger Co.
  • Lesaffre
  • Nation Pizza & Foods
  • New Horizons Baking Company
  • Newly Weds Foods
  • Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co.

Below are the 133 locations which have achieved a high level of safety performance as an ongoing effort to reduce work related injuries and illnesses: 

AB Mauri – Greenville, TX
AB Mauri – Memphis, TN
AB Mauri – Wilsonville, OR
AbiMar Foods – Abilene, TX
ADM Milling Co. – Abilene, KS 
ADM Milling Co. – Arkansas City West, KS 
ADM Milling Co. – Camp Hill, PA  
ADM Milling Co. – Carthage, MO
ADM Milling Co. – Charlotte, NC 
ADM Milling Co. – Cleveland, TN
ADM Milling Co. – Dodge City, KS
ADM Milling Co. – Enid, OK 
ADM Milling Co. – Hudson, NY  
ADM Milling Co. – Keokuk, IA
ADM Milling Co. – Lincoln, NE
ADM Milling Co. – Mendota, IL 
ADM Milling Co. – Minneapolis, MN   
ADM Milling Co. – New Braunfels, TX 
ADM Milling Co. – Overland Park, KS 
ADM Milling Co. – Spokane Mix Plant, WA
ADM Milling Co. – Spokane, WA
ADM Milling Co. – St. Louis, MO 
ADM Milling Co. – Calgary, Alberta
ADM Milling Co. – Candiac, Quebec
ADM Milling Co. – Midland, Ontario
ADM Milling Co. –Mississauga, Ontario
ADM Milling Co. –Mississauga Lab, Ontario
ADM Milling Co. – Montreal, Quebec
ADM Milling Co. – Port Colborne, Ontario
Alpha Baking Company – Manitowoc, WI
Alpha Baking Company – Fullerton, IL 
Ardent Mills – Albany Mill, NY 
Ardent Mills – Ayer Mill, MA 
Ardent Mills – Chester Mill, IL 
Ardent Mills – Culpeper Mill, VA
Ardent Mills – Decatur Mill, AL 
Ardent Mills – Fairmount Mill, ND 
Ardent Mills – Galena Park Mill, TX
Ardent Mills – Kenosha Mill, WI
Ardent Mills – Lake City Mill, MN 
Ardent Mills – Mankato Mill, MN
Ardent Mills – Martins Creek Mill, PA
Ardent Mills – Newton Mill, KS 
Ardent Mills – Ogdon Mill, UT 
Ardent Mills – Omaha A Mill, NE
Ardent Mills – Port Allen Mill, LA
Ardent Mills – PR Mill, San Juan 
Ardent Mills – Saginaw Mill, TX
Ardent Mills – San Bernadino Mill, CA
Ardent Mills – Saskatoon Mill, Canada 
Ardent Mills – Sherman Mill, TX 
Ardent Mills – Stockton Mill, CA
Ardent Mills – Streetsville Mill, Ontario 
Ardent Mills – Tampa Mill, FL 
Ardent Mills – Tualatin Bakery, OR
Ardent Mills – Wichita Mill, KS 
Ardent Mills – Harvey Mill, ND
Aspire Bakeries – Alsip, IL
Aspire Bakeries – DSD-Chicago Cold, IL
Aspire Bakeries – Hazleton, PA
Aspire Bakeries – Northlake, IL
Aspire Bakeries – Van Nuys, CA 
Aspire Bakeries – Ancaster, Ontario
Aspire Bakeries – Brantford, Ontario 
Aspire Bakeries – Burnaby, B.C.
Aspire Bakeries – Winnipeg, Manitoba 
Aspire Bakeries – Santa Ana, CA
Baker Boy – Dickinson, ND
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Fergus Falls MN Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Fort Worth TX Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – La Crosse WI Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – London KY Bakery
Bimbo Bakeries USA –Meridian MS Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Oconomowoc WI Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Rockwall TX Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Decatur GA Bakery
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Orangeburg SC Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Reading PA Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Valdese NC Plant
Bimbo Bakeries USA – Kent WA Plant
CraftMark Bakery – Indianapolis, IN
D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Company, Inc. – Laguna Cookie Co., CA 
D.F. Stauffer Biscuit Company, Inc. – York, PA
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Jackson, MI
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Central Warehouse, MI
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Chicago Distribution, IN
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Louisville Distribution, KY
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Minneapolis, Distribution, MN
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Northeast Distribution, NJ
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Phoenix Distribution, AZ
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Salt Lake City Distribution, UT
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Calgary Distribution
Dawn Food Products, Inc.- Montreal Distribution
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Toronto Distribution
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Richmond BC Distribution
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Innovation Studio, MI
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Jackson Manufacturing, MI
Dawn Food Products, Inc.- Louisville Manufacturing, KY
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Seattle Manufacturing, WA
Dawn Food Products, Inc. – Burlington Manufacturing
Gemini Bakery Equipment Company – KB Systems Inc., PA
Gemini Bakery Equipment Company – Philadelphia, PA
Hearthside Food Solutions – Knoxville, TN
Hearthside Food Solutions – Downers Grove, IL
Hearthside Food Solutions – H1, MI
Hearthside Food Solutions – H5, MI
Hearthside Food Solutions – Michigan City, IN
Hearthside Food Solutions – Byhalia, MS
Hearthside Food Solutions – Anaheim, CA
Hearthside Food Solutions – Salt Lake City, UT
Hearthside Food Solutions – Seattle, WA 
Hearthside Food Solutions – Fredericksburg, VA
Hearthside Food Solutions – Jacksonville, FL
Hearthside Food Solutions – Carol Stream, IL
Hearthside Food Solutions – Itasca, IL
Hearthside Food Solutions – Romeoville, IL
Hearthside Food Solutions – Des Plaines, IL
Hearthside Food Solutions – Gibson City, IL 
JLS Automation – York, PA
The Kroger Co. – Anderson Bakery, SC 
The Kroger Co. – Indianapolis Bakery, IN 
The Kroger Co. – Country Oven Bakery, KY
The Kroger Co. – King Soopers Bakery, CO 
The Kroger Co. – La Habra, CA
The Kroger Co. – Layton Bakery, UT
Lesaffre – Cedar Rapids, IA
Lesaffre – Dothan, AL 
Lesaffre – Milwaukee, WI
Lesaffre- Piscataway, NJ 
Nation Pizza Products, LP – Schaumburg, IL
New Horizons Baking Company – Toledo Bakery, OH 
Newly Weds Foods – Mount Pleasant, TX
Schulze & Burch Biscuit Co. – Chicago, IL