3 X Concepts That Use Technology to Provide a Next Level Experience

Consumers are hungry for new experiences. They want to discover new things and like to be amazed and surprised. The Taste Tomorrow survey revealed that 75% of worldwide consumers is looking for a ‘Next level experience’. Of course, there are many ways to provide this. These 3 concepts provide a next level experience by using technology in a very special way. 

Using technology to take the experience to the next level
Next level experience is one of the nine key trends revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey. The survey also showed that experience is not a one-dimensional aspect. It turns out that there are nine factors that impact the total experience.

One of the ways to provide surprising new experiences is through technology. Using virtual reality or 3D printing can certainly add to the experience of consumers. Think of serving cappuccino printed with a customer’s own photo, using projections in your restaurant to enhance the dining experience, or utilising 3D-printing to personalise the decoration of cakes or even to create food.

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