5 Tips To Get Ready for Summer Pests

Summer is the fun time of year for people who love outdoor activities, be it a backyard barbeque or camping with family and friends, hiking with a best friend, or enjoying ice cream while strolling through their favorite part of town. Insects and many other pests are not any different than us when it comes to summer; they love the warm weather and will come out of the woodwork for a few months of fun. Their fun time means great challenges for people in the food industry, as many pests will start migrating to their favorite food processing facility. How can you prepare your facility to keep them at bay? Here are five tips that can help you:

1) Exterior Landscape Maintenance:

Maintaining exterior lawn/landscaped areas, keeping vegetation away from the building, and eliminating excess moisture next to the building will protect your facility from occasional invaders like ground beetle, cricket, earwig, springtail, millipede/centipede by eliminating possible harborage and breeding sites. It is common to find these pests inside interior rodent traps flanking your dock or exit doors.

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