6 Bakery and Patisserie Businesses That Tap Into #Eatertainment Trend

Banana bread, focaccia, cookies and sourdough bread: we’ve seen a boom in home baking since last year. 55% to 82% of consumers worldwide tried home baking during the lockdowns and most of them say they will continue to bake post-Covid. People see baking as a hobby: it brings them joy to experiment in the kitchen and make their own bread and pastry. Preparing food becomes a form of entertainment and a way to connect with like-minded people, hence the term #eatertainment and the growing popularity of this hashtag online.

As part of our Taste Tomorrow consumer research, consumers indicated what their motivation was to start home baking. Control over the ingredients and hygiene, saving money, quality family time and the love of baking were the most common responses. While the home baking trend seems to provide competition for the bakery and patisserie sector, it also presents a wealth of opportunities. The six businesses listed here have each found a clever way to capitalise on the #eatertainment trend with at-home baking kits or even an audiobook.

1. Bake Believe: homemade cakes that give a hero status (Australia)

Bake Believe promises minimal stress and a hero status with their cake and cupcake kits. Their kits all result in highly Instagrammable end products, such as a unicorn-shaped cake for a children’s party or a sleek white cake that is decorated with dried flowers that would be fit for a wedding. Almost all of the ingredients are natural and clean and the kits are designed for kids to help where possible.

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