ABA Applauds Obama Obesity Initiative

“On behalf of the American Bakers Association, we wholeheartedly applaud First
Lady Michelle
Obama for dedicating her considerable credibility and clout toward solving the
nation’s childhood
obesity epidemic,” said American Bakers Association President & CEO Robb MacKie.
“With grains
positioned at the base of the food guide pyramid, bakers take very seriously
their responsibility in
providing healthy, nutritious and wholesome products to consumers.”

“It is vitally important to arm parents with the necessary information to assist
them in making
informed decisions regarding healthy, well-balanced lifestyles. The current
review of the national
nutrition guidelines ensures that the first lady’s efforts are based on the
latest science and medical
evidence,” said MacKie. This fact-based criteria is critical since so many
consumers today are
overwhelmed with a plethora of confusing, and often contradictory, information
about nutrition.

“The baking industry stands ready to fully engage in this important undertaking
based on sound
science that hopefully dispels many of the myths surrounding food and nutrition.
Specifically, there is
a tremendous opportunity to educate parents and children alike regarding the
importance of both
enriched and whole grains as an essential part of a balanced, healthy diet. By
stressing healthy
eating habits that follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and using the
visual food guide pyramid
that encourages moderate daily physical activity, we can send a strong, positive
and consistent
message to consumers that makes sense and is attainable,” MacKie continued.

“While ABA supports the first lady’s leadership in tackling childhood obesity,
it is critically important
for her to recognize the significant contribution food manufacturers, including
bakers, continue to play
in providing healthy, wholesome and convenient food choices at relatively low
price points for
America’s families. In the midst of the worst recession since the Great
Depression, American families
need to be reassured that their food bills will remain stable and that they will
continue to have access
to a variety of appealing food choices that fit with their individual tastes,
lifestyle and cultures.


About the American Bakers Association:

ABA is the Washington D.C.-based trade association that has been the voice of
the wholesale baking
industry since 1897. ABA has a long and dedicated history of representing the
interests of the
wholesale baking industry before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, state
legislatures and
international regulatory authorities. ABA represents approximately 80 percent of
the wholesale
bakeries in the U.S. and their suppliers.


The American Bakers Association