ABA: Thank You, Bakery Frontline Workers, on Labor Day and Always

Labor Day, often celebrated with friends and family, enjoying baked goods coupled with treats from the grill, was founded as a time to reflect on the contributions of the American workforce. While 2020’s Labor Day events will look different, with virtual picnics and socially distanced cookouts, the inclusion of baked goods in our collective traditions continues to give us moments of normalcy and happiness.

Those moments are delivered to us by the hardworking and dedicated frontline workers of the baking industry. These dedicated employees may not interact directly with the consumers they serve, but their unwavering commitment to feeding our communities throughout this public health emergency deserves special recognition this year.

“It is so important that we pause to express our deepest appreciation for the incredibly dedicated men and women who work on the baking industry’s frontlines,” said Robb MacKie, President and CEO, American Bakers Association. “The commitment of these impressive individuals is demonstrated in the plentiful variety of baked goods we continue to see on our store shelves and restaurant menus. They fulfill their important responsibility by showing up every day to the essential critical infrastructure baking and supplier companies across the country, operating at the highest standards of care, to continue to feed their communities.”

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