ABA: The Frozen Cherry Pie Story is not the Story

Last week, Fox News affiliates across the country aired a story about the FDA’s deregulation of the Frozen Cherry Pie Standard, prominently featuring the American Bakers Association. While it’s important to promote the baking industry to a nationwide audience, it’s also important to point out: the Frozen Cherry Pie story is not the story.

The deregulation of the frozen cherry pie standard is the low hanging fruit.

Overhauling this specific regulation is a small piece of the pie. Regulations from FDA and even the EPA disproportionately affect the baking industry, and here’s why: Food and beverage is the biggest sector in American manufacturing…and bakery is the largest area in food and beverage.  

First: a look at the framework regulation that allowed something like a Frozen Pie Standard to get on the books:

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