ABA’s Bakers Manufacturing Academy Launches Sheeting and Laminating Specialized Training

Washington, D.C.—The American Bakers Association’s Bakers Manufacturing Academy launched a new specialized course for cracker operations: the Sheeting and Laminating Lesson.


ABA’s Bakers Manufacturing Academy’s Sheeting and Laminating Lesson is a 5-hour e-learning program that teaches the procedures and steps required to produce a proper sheeted cracker product. The specialized training teaches operators about every stage of production from dough forming processes, ingredient functionality, mixing functions, and mechanical methods for laminating procedures to pre- and post-baking operations. 

This program is intended for individuals on the line who are responsible for producing sheeted crackers, department transfers, and those seeking to grow their understanding of the process. Students have up to six weeks to complete the course, which complements a facility’s existing training. 

“The Bakers Manufacturing Academy’s Specialized Lessons help our Members train their employees in a very specific skill,” said Robb MacKie, President and CEO, ABA. “The Sheeting and Laminating lesson improves plant efficiency by ensuring staff come to their position with knowledge and vocabulary on this specific function within a bakery.”

Upon completion of the on-demand lesson, employees of cracker manufacturers and/or their vendors will deepen their knowledge and skillset on sheeted products and their applications. 

The course’s seven chapters 

  • Chapter 1: Overview 
  • Chapter 2: Process 
  • Chapter 3: Ingredients 
  • Chapter 4: Mixing 
  • Chapter 5: Equipment 
  • Chapter 6: Baking 
  • Chapter 7: Cooling, Delivery, and Packaging 

To learn more details about the Sheeting and Laminating course, please visit the Bakers Manufacturing Academy’s Specialized Training page. 


Sheeting and Laminating course content, videos, and images have been reviewed and approved by Kansas State University (KSU) Bakery Science and Management Program faculty for .5 Continuing Education Units (CEU).

The primary purpose of continuing education hours is to provide a permanent record of educational activities for professionals needing contact hours for licensure or accrediting requirements.


The specialized Sheeting and Laminating Lesson is available in the Bakers Manufacturing Academy’s new learning portal. The online platform promises an improved user experience for both students and administrators including:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Streamlined enrollment process
  • Improved student progress tracking
  • Notifications
  • Chat, forums, and announcement features

“ABA’s educational offerings bring so much value to ABA Member companies integrating this lesson into their training process,” said Vanessa Vial, ABA’s Assistant Director of Education. “This new course, along with the new Baking Manufacturing Academy will help Members’ employees grow in their careers.”

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