After Heart Scare Couple Develops Healthy Bread Line, Edison Bread

Rosa Maria and Mario Delgado had their minds set on an easy retirement when they migrated to the Valley from Monterrey, Mexico, 30 years ago. But, that plan suddenly grew uncertain in 1995 when Mario had a heart attack. It would be the first of four heart attacks he would have over the ensuing years.

“Mario likes to eat,” said Rosa Maria. “But his diet had to change. So, we started with the bread. Mario was a supermarket biochemist in Mexico, so together we formulated a recipe that produced a healthy bread with low gluten, and low carbs — a bread based on vegetable fiber that’s healthy.”

“A lot of people don’t know that carbohydrates have an addictive molecule,” Mario added. I call it ‘bread nicotine,’ or ‘carb nicotine.’ That’s why a lot of people can’t stop eating bread. They can’t stop eating tortilla chips.”

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