AIB International: Take Charge with Pandemic Prepared Certification

It’s only been a month since the launch of our Pandemic Prepared Certification, but there has already been a strong, positive response from top companies across the global food and beverage supply chain. This level of interest is undoubtedly an indication of the need for proactive measures that help establish best-in-class planning and protocols, while also decreasing risk as it relates to the pandemic.

To learn more about this buzz and questions customers are asking thus far, we spoke with Tatiana Rodriguez, Regional Sales Manager, Eastern US/Canada, Global Sales. She’s the Pandemic Prepared Certification point-of-contact and can be reached at

Q:  What is the Food and Beverage Industry saying about Pandemic Prepared Certification?

I’ve been really pleased by the enthusiasm from current and new customers – they’re excited that we’re responding to the pandemic with something that’s truly innovative and beneficial for their operations. Nearly all of them been impacted one way or another and the Pandemic Prepared Certification can serve as a proactive measure to be prepared for the future.

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