AMF Bakery Systems To Launch Dual-tilt SNAX Sigma Mixer at IBIE 2019

Richmond, Virginia – AMF Bakery Systems will demonstrate the flexibility and proven performance of AMF Tromp Sheeting Lines across three scalable complete system solutions at IBIE 2019 in Las Vegas, September 8-11th.

In booth 5420 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, show attendees can explore AMF’s integrated solutions for artisan bread and rolls, soft bread and buns, pizza and flatbreads, cakes and pies, pastries, and croissants, through self-guided interactive digital displays as well as immersive Augmented Reality equipment demonstrations.  In booth 5436, AMF will display the AMF Tromp Stress-Free Artisan (SFA) Sheeting Line for high-speed production of artisan baguettes and ciabatta-style products.

“The industry is seeing increasing consumer demand for wholesome, clean label, artisanal products,” noted Blake Millard, Director of Sales for U.S. and Canada. “Through the integration of AMF Tromp and AMF Den Boer into AMF, we not only have the proven solutions of the sheeting technology, but we also bring a wider range of decorating, topping, and baking capabilities that facilitate more premium bread products.”

Alongside the industry standard for fully-automated bun and roll production, the HBDFlex Accupan System, AMF will present a BreadFlex Direct Deposit Divider (D3) for gluten-free and rye doughs, a high capacity Target Strewer and Seeder for accurate product topping, as well as a variety of other innovations for artisanal dough processing.

For the first time, AMF will also launch the dual-tilt SNAX Sigma Mixer offering a 120° forward tilt and 100° rear tilt specially designed for hard biscuit, cookie and cracker producers. Through an exclusive partnership with DTA, AMF will present alongside its sanitary mixing solutions the baking industry’s first Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), for the efficient transfer of dough troughs.

Showcasing AMF’s Den Boer Stone Tunnel Oven in booth 5436, baking specialists will present throughout the four-day event an Educational Program that details the benefits and drawbacks of various oven types along with criteria for choosing the best proofer and oven for your baking needs.

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