Angelic Bakehouse Introduces Its Best Bread Yet

CUDAHY, Wis. — In its mission to create the best sprouted whole grain baked goods, Angelic Bakehouse is thrilled to announce its best bread yet. The new bread comes after conducting an extensive yearlong product innovation program, which consisted of qualitative and quantitative consumer research, more than ten new bread variations, a packaging redesign and consumer testing panels in two cities.

“We took the long-term approach to create the best bread possible, starting with an extensive research process to dive deep into what consumers are looking for and how we can apply it to our sprouted whole grain breads,” said Jamie Duklas, marketing executive at Angelic Bakehouse. “It was an incredibly large and labor-intensive undertaking, and we are very proud of the outcome. The best part is hearing how much consumers love our new bread.”

The consumer research found 64% of hyper-premium bread buyers think taste is a top purchase consideration, followed by ingredient claims (56%) and health claims (52%). As a result, Angelic Bakehouse updated its entire bread collection ꟷ Whole Grain, Raisin Wheat, Whole Grain Rye, Wheat, Reduced Sodium Bread and No Added Salt Bread ꟷ to have a stronger taste appeal, more nutrition and a larger bread slice.

The new bread embodies what consumers already love about Angelic Bakehouse ꟷ its whole grains (18g per serving), higher protein (5g per serving) and fiber content (3g per serving), but with a naturally sweeter taste and a more moist texture due to Angelic Bakehouse’s proprietary sprouting process. Its bread is also vegan, allergen-friendly (including dairy, soy, nuts and sesame) and made with clean, non-GMO ingredients.

“Knowing taste is the most important purchase driver for hyper-premium bread, we made two major changes to enhance our bread’s sweetness. One was fine-tuning our proprietary sprouting process to uncover a sweeter profile in the grains. The second was switching from agave to brown sugar to provide a sweeter aftertaste. This resulted in a naturally sweeter whole grain bread without the bitterness often found with wheat,” said George Psaris, plant manager at Angelic Bakehouse.

In addition to bread, Angelic Bakehouse offers other sprouted whole grain products, including wraps, pizza crusts, buns and crackers. The brand strives to continually exceed consumer demands, and the new bread is not the first consumer-driven change it has made to its products. Angelic Bakehouse recently launched low-sodium versions of its bread, wraps and pizza crusts, including the Reduced Sodium Wraps, Reduced Sodium Bread and Reduced Sodium Flatzza® Crusts, which have become top sellers.

Angelic Bakehouse’s new bread is available at retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Kroger, Albertsons, Hannaford, Giant Eagle, and online at, with more retailers coming soon.

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About Angelic Bakehouse
We’ve found that with a steady dose of goodness – whether in food or in life – you simply feel better. We make sprouted whole grain baked goods that are every bit delicious as they are nutritious helping you elevate what you eat. Our food stands out not only because of its taste but our commitment to using non-GMO ingredients and making vegan and allergen-friendly products free of seven of the top eight allergens, the exception being wheat. Angelic Bakehouse is bringing food back to its roots – and then sprouting something even better.