BakeMark Shares Tips for National Donut Day 2021

All eyes will be on National Donut Day 2021 on Sunday, June 4th as the nation focuses on everyone’s favorite treat – the donut. This year, the celebration is especially meaningful because of the bakery industry’s importance throughout the entirety of the pandemic. The donut has been a mainstay during the toughest times because it is delicious, inexpensive, filling, and provides a sense of satisfaction and comfort – exactly what the country needed during the highs and lows of Covid-19 regulations.


National Donut Day 2021 presents a tremendous marketing opportunity for YOU. Take pictures of your product and your store and post them on your favorite social media platform. Use the hashtag #NationalDonutDay to generate local excitement, and encourage your customers to do the same. Big trend equals big sales! The bigger the trend, the bigger your sales can grow.

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