BakeMark: Vanilla is Versatile

Sometimes, people refer to vanilla as a bad thing…but in all actuality, vanilla is pretty amazing! How many other flavors can you think of that will pair with just about anything, or can even be MADE into something else? There aren’t too many! Speaking of vanilla…

Happy Vanilla Custard Day!

Every dog…er, dessert…has its day, and yesterday, August 17th, just so happened to be THE day for vanilla custard! Did you know that BakeMark features a vanilla crème custard that you can use in anything from pies to cakes to donuts…and more?! Well, we sure do! You may not recognize it at first glance due to the name, but Westco Snot Block Crème Filling is exactly what you need to provide versatility in your kitchen with a single product.

Snot Block Crème Filling?

Yes, you read that right…our filling is an amazing tool to have in your bakery arsenal because it can help you produce awe-inspiring products that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Although the name might be a little funny (shout-out to our friends down under in Australia who just recently debated this!), don’t let that keep you from trying the product in your own kitchen to see just how far you can take it! Trust us, it’s not your typical pastry!

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