Bakers Unveil Industry Career Path

Today, the American Bakers Association (ABA) is excited to unveil a baking industry career path designed to help ABA members and the baking industry communicate how potential and existing workers can grow their career in the sector. An essential manufacturing employer, the commercial baking industry offers frontline workers opportunities to grow into leadership positions within their companies.

ABA’s recent Baking Industry Frontline Workforce Landscape study found that at least one in every four frontline leaders were promoted from within the company. This practice was found to be even more common in companies with career paths.

The baking industry career path will provide job seekers and current employees with a clear visual of the many opportunities available within the industry,” said Pat Richards, Vice President, Organizational Development & Recruitment, Hearthside Food Solutions, and co-chair of ABA’s Human Resources and Safety Professionals Group. “This will be an excellent tool to help the industry continue to grow its workforce.”

The baking industry career path highlights six commercial bakery paths: production, engineering/equipment maintenance, shipping/distribution, quality assurance/food safety, sanitation, and sales. All the paths within the bakery have their own special responsibility and are integral in ensuring the creation and delivery of delicious baked goods. Descriptions of responsibilities and qualifications for each path allow individuals to discover their best professional fit. Download the document here.

“The baking industry is hiring. We have thousands of jobs available today and ABA is excited to help the industry demonstrate the growth opportunities available to job seekers,” said Christina Donnelly, Director of Industry Relations and Strategic Initiatives. “Our hope is that this new resource will also help companies illustrate internal career paths for their employees.” 

The career path document is one of the tools created by ABA to promote and grow the baking industry. The industry’s career site, Baking Works, shows the career path in action by promoting jobs that are available right now nationwide.

The Baking Industry’s Frontline Workforce Landscape study October key findings are  downloadable here.