BellaTALKS: Cutting Sugar is the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

PASADENA, CA – Diets are changing.  Labels are changing.  Expectations are changing.

These are all good reasons to cut sugar out of your breads.

The Bellarise® team agrees, which is why they developed all-new Bellarise® Organic Sugar Replacer.  “Consider the inevitable fact that American consumers are more health conscious than they have been in generations, and that nutrition facts, as well as ingredients, are influencing purchase decisions.  While it’s a given that flavor is essential, it’s no longer enough for consumers, especially generations X, Y, and Z.  Food has to taste good, be made from wholesome ingredients, and it has to play a more integral role in overall health, all while representing a good value,” says Cam Suarez-Bitar, marketing and public relations manager for Bellarise®.    “So, is it worth the effort to cut added sugar by up to 25% from your breads’ label?  Considering how easy it is when using Bellarise® Organic Sugar Replacer, I would have to say ‘absolutely!’”

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