Better White Layer Cakes Ahead?

Experiments led by Agricultural Research Service food technologist Mukti Singh are showing how to boost the fiber content in white layer cake—or lower the calories—without significantly undermining many of the key qualities of this all-time-favorite dessert.

Singh’s edible-fiber experiments focused on corn bran, the corn kernel’s fiber-rich outer layer. She determined that purified, finely ground corn bran can be used as a substitute for up to 20 percent of the flour called for in the American Association of Cereal Chemists’ “gold standard” test recipe for white cake. That amount of fiber didn’t significantly affect qualities such as color, crumb grain size (an indicator of structure), volume, moisture (moist—but not soggy—is ideal), and springiness (the unfrosted top surface of a good cake will spring back when gently touched).

What’s more, the 25 volunteer taste-testers who sampled the 20-percent-corn-bran-enhanced cake rated it as “acceptable.” In taste-tester lingo, that counts as a vote of confidence.

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