Bizerba Launches New Speed Ovens at IBIE Las Vegas

JOPPA, Md. — Say goodbye to long baking times and complicated cooking programs. Bizerba is proud to announce the launch of our new Atollspeed oven line at IBIE in Las Vegas from September 8-11, 2019.  IBIE is the ideal place to showcase the efficiency of our Atollspeed oven with its simple interface and easy cleanup to enhance your bakery’s operation.

Speed ovens excel in baking foods quicker than traditional ovens. The Bizerba Atollspeed oven is no exception. The oven’s design is aligned with recent kitchenware trends which favors simplicity. Featuring a 7″ glass-fronted, color touch screen that can be easily customized for up to 100 of your products. The design includes a removable rack, ergonomic door handle and a robust, sturdy frame, and bottom air filtration system. Additionally, the Bizerba oven comes with a cool-down mode that helps “close the shop” faster at the end of the day; and a USB-port for seamless transfer of data. Continuing to lead the way in world class products, Bizerba’s Atollspeed oven is extremely power efficient. The oven will reduce operating costs and improve your sustainability. Operators will love the user interface, the low cost maintenance, and most importantly, your customers will love the freshly prepared products from the Atollspeed oven.

Retail VP for Bizerba, Rob Weisz, says, “The new Bizerba Speed Oven is a great piece of technology. All the components are of high quality and are easy to maintain.”

Since founded in Germany in 1866, Bizerba has been a company consistently at the front of pioneering new products. For over 150 years, Bizerba has continually designed new products aimed at maximizing user utility and satisfaction while minimizing unnecessary confusion for consumers. The Atollspeed oven continues this trend. For more information about the company or its new products, contact: