Bridor USA Opens New Sales Opportunities With Soft Artisan Bread Line

VINELAND, NJ  – Bridor Inc., the premier baker of European bread and Viennese pastry, brings its innovative, “first to market” prowess to the profitable artisan bread category with the introduction of a Soft Artisan Bread line. The line, which includes 12-grain, semolina, white and sprouted grain varieties, lets operators reach new consumers – including the aging American population as well as children – who find it difficult and messy to bite into a harder, crusty artisan bread or sandwich.

“Our new line lets customers capitalize even more on the artisan bread trend that is sweeping the country, while broadening choices in the booming sandwich breads category,” said Jean-Pierre Hyacinthe, Vice President Innovation and Development, Bridor North America.  “We’re also meeting consumer demand for natural, preservative-free, whole grain options while upholding the highest taste, appearance and quality standards that are the hallmarks of artisan baking techniques.”

The new soft breads are ideal sandwich carriers due to their balanced crust and crumb proportion that lets them retain their filling without the mess and drips. For HMR and coffee shop operators who prepare sandwiches in advance, the soft artisan bread line reduces waste, as they can remain fresh for up to four days at refrigerated temperatures. They are pre-sliced, prebaked and feature a flatter bread design that makes it easier and neater to eat as a smaller bite while being less filling. The unbleached whole grain breads are low in saturated fat and high in fiber, preservative free, artificial color/flavor free, and Kosher certified. They are four by four inches in size and range between 3.2 to 3.5 ounces each.

About Bridor

Bridor USA Inc. is a subsidiary of Bridor Inc., which has specialized in bringing the highest quality European bread and Viennese pastry to the North American market for 30 years. Bridor manufactures breads and pastries that reflect its European heritage while satisfying North American preferences.  For more information visit

Source: Bridor USA Inc.